Buffalo Bills Schedule 2015: A Hard Fracking From Terry Pegula

Terry Pegula swung his dick around this offseason. The natural gas man’s pile of coins helped sign the likes of Rex Ryan, LeSean McCoy, and Charles Clay.

I’m not surprised that a man who made his bank from oil fracking has the kind of money that makes household names like Charles Clay rich. What surprises me is that Pegula didn’t swing that thing the NFL schedule makers way.

The Bills start out the season against the Colts, Pats, and Dolphins. That’s two great quarterbacks and a terrible one. Of course, the terrible one being Ryan Tannehill, who got gifted Nkdkamong Suh in the offseason. So yeah, not a promising start to the season regardless of what quarterback the Buffalo Bills are facing.


Terry Pegula is no Dan Snyder, except for the fact that he also enjoys the occasional dive into a pile of coins.


Now couple that with a three game road swing in October. The Bills face the Jets on a Thursday night, the Pats on a monday night and finish off against the Chiefs on a Sunday afternoon. All three of these games make me nervous.

Thursday night games greatly favour the home team. The Bills only beat the Pats when Kyle Orton is cleaning his locker out. And Arrowhead is never an easy place to play. That’s a three game losing streak waiting to happen.

Or is it?

As the tired cliché goes, the games aren’t won and lost in the offseason — it’s a time best spent swinging your dick around in the right ways. Acquiring the right coaches and players is a hell of a lot more important than enticing the schedule makers. We’ll see who can take Pegula’s hard fracking starting Sunday Sept 13th.


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