Podcast Episode 14: “He [Ditka] Would Never Go Inside A Starbucks.”

Two podcasts this week? I know. I actually recorded this one on Monday, but I delayed after the LeSean McCoy insanity happened.

Anyways, I talk to Brad Macdonald, who “almost won a journalist award” for his excellent coverage of Rob Ford’s mayoral run. Alongside his political coverage, he’s a Leaf and Packers fan. We talk a bunch about the trade deadline — namely the banghazi scandal at TSN — and eventually get into some football talk.

Follow his very active twitter feed at @bradmac91.
Listen below

Talking points: 

  • I make a multi-cam sitcom style joke re: banghazi (30 seconds in)
  • Was it an intern who did it? Did they forget to filter out the word bang? Or is TSN’s non-sentient bot at fault? Personally, I blame the good for nothin’ bot. And immigration. (1 minute in)
  • Obligatory NSA reference. (4 minutes in)
  • Brad talks about how two Leaf players have blocked him. Listen to find out. (6 minutes in)
  •  I defend TMZ. More so, because of their coverage of the Ray Rice Scandal, not so much for their celeb butt posts. (14 minutes in)
  • I go on a rant, manage to fit in a question at the end of it. HOW DOES MIKE MCCARTHY STILL HAVE A JOB? (21 minutes in)
  • Mike McCarthy, Bill Belichick, Mike Ditka, Starbucks. (29 minutes in)
  • We finally talk about the Buffalo Bills. I torment him re: Bills/Packers game. (32 minutes in)
  • We discuss free agent options for the Bills and Packers. Peyton Hillis anyone?

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.



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