Please Don’t Re-sign Jerry Hughes

On WGR550 the other day, Joe Buscaglia was pleading with the Buffalo Bills to re-sign Jerry Hughes. Buscaglia made some good points to back up his plea, one of which was that Hughes “is an ascending player.” It’s true, he is. Seems pretty obvious, then, right?

No it’s not.

I’m gonna make this real simple. The Buffalo Bills have other ascending players whose contracts are up in the next two seasons like Marcell Dareus, Stephon Gilmore and Cordy Glenn. Ask yourself, is there any player on this that is worth losing for Jerry Hughes?


Quite simply, re-signing Hughes would be a luxury the Buffalo Bills can’t afford. There is no doubting his abilities, but he is the 4th best player on the Bills d-line. The three players above are all the best at their positions on the team.

Please don’t re-sign Jerry Hughes. It’s really not a good idea for an ascending team.


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