Lesean McCoy For Kiko Alonso


Those were the first words out of my mouth after I heard.

Adam Schefter reports the Bills have traded for star running back LeSean McCoy. Leaving Buffalo for the Philadelphia Eagles is Kiko Alonso.  And, if Adam Schefter says it’s going to happen, it’s definitely happening. And, if it doesn’t, well my, and Schefter’s, credibility will go down the drain.

Speaking of credibility, Jason LaCanfora is at it again.

Anyways, I am not sure how I feel about this trade. In lieu of a coherent argument, I present to you my thoughts in bullet points.

  • What I like best about this trade, is that, it is a trade. NFL trades like this don’t happen often; moments like this make me wish it did.
  • This hurts the Bills cap for this season. Using my rough calculations, I estimate that it will go from 30 million to, like, 15. Goodbye Mike Iupati.
  • Then again McCoy is equal to a very good free agent.
  • Why not sign DeMarco Murray?
  • Why not trade for Adrian Peterson? Save Kiko Alonso for a rainy day.
  • Mike Vick is faster than LeSean McCoy and that’s why the Buffalo Bills should sign Vick as a backup to EJ Manuel.
  • Isn’t this a deep running back class?
  • Trading Kiko Alonso makes sense. The Bills are flush with linebackers. Easy position to replace. It’s not like he’s Chuck Norris, or something.


What am I even thinking, this is a good trade. I mean, the Bills just got LeSean ‘Freakin’ McCoy.



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