Podcast Episode 12: “Bud Dupree”

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On this week’s episode, Alex and I, discuss how the Oscars relate to the NFL combine. Eventually we talk about the Buffalo Bills draft and realize it’s a good year to be sans first round pick.

Talking points: 

  • Obligatory NSA reference . (1 minute in)
  • Have I been talking to Alex Jones, freedom fighter? (1 minute in)
  •  Alex finally makes the connection… re: why he wanted to bring up the Oscars on a football podcast. (4 minutes in)
  • Alex compares the academy snubbing Al Pacino in Godfather 2 to the Oakland Raiders drafting Jamarcus Russell first overall. (6 minutes in)
  • I read out dictionary.com’s definition of “character.” (10 minutes in)
  • We talk about the difference between the NCAA and the CHL. (18 minutes in)
  • I go on a Madden 15 franchise mode tangent. Get to know my star QB, Heath Peppers. (23 minutes in)
  • We start talking about Bud Dupree. Things get insane. Alex, may or may not, have confused Bud Dupree with Daniel Jeremiah. (24 minutes in)
  • We consider the fact that Doug Whaley made the Sammy Watkins trade knowing the first round this year would be mediocre. (37 Minutes in)
  • We say goodbye to Jameis Winston. (50 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.


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