Podcast Episode 11: “Runs Good Routes”

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Super early NFL draft talk!

Who better to talk draft than with Alex Jones, aka Bills Draft guru. Last time I had him on the podcast, we recorded an entire episode of material that became largely irrelevant because of Doug Marrone’s hasty exit from One Bills Drive. That won’t happen this time — the draft isn’t until late April.

Check out Alex’s work at buffalowdown.

Talking points: 

  • Leonard Williams 1st overall?  (10 seconds in)
  • Marriota concerns. (3 minutes in)
  • Will Vic Beasley fall to the 2nd round? (6 minutes in)
  • What if Amari Cooper falls to the Falcons? (9 minutes in)
  • TJ Yeldon vs. Bryce Brown (22 minutes in)
  • The NSA listens to our podcast. (21 minutes in)
  • Who would the Bills take if they still had their first rounder, according to Alex Jones. (25 minutes in)
  • We talk about Doug Marrone making a staffer cry. (33 minutes in)
  • Be gone Chris Hogan. (37 Minutes in)
  • The Bills need a big receiving option at WR or TE. (43 minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.


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