Did Doug Marrone Get Chan Gailey A Job?

I, for one, have been speculating for weeks whether the Jets would hire an ex-Bills coach — I even went as far as saying it was a foregone conclusion. But I’m not taking any credit for the Jets hiring Chan Gailey. If anything, Doug Marrone should.

The last time we saw Chan Gailey he was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Like Doug Marrone, he hand his fingerprints all over the offense. Those fingerprints lead to CJ Spiller’s breakout season 2012. Of course, that wasn’t enough for Bills fans — myself included. We ran him out-of-town for a variety of reasons. The only irrational one, it turns out, was his usage of CJ Spiller.

Spiller gained over 1,700 yards all-purpose yards in 2012, but that wasn’t enough for fans, who yearned for CJ to get the ball more. Marrone’s offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett promised to run Spiller until he pukes. They lied and ran him up the middle until he suffered a high ankle sprain.

You probably know what I’m getting at right now. Maybe Chan Gailey can’t cut it as a head coach, but Marrone’s hatchet job on CJ Spiller illuminated Gailey’s ability to get the most out of offensive talent.

As for Gailey’s successor, he can’t even get an offensive coordinator gig of his own.



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