Podcast Episode 8: “Peyton Manning Or EJ Manuel?

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Ryan Talbot of buf.scout.com joins me to discuss Rex Ryan, Peyton Manning, and Doug Marrone’s hot tub adventures.

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Talking points: 

  • Doug Marrone interrupted Ryan’s new years eve party.  (2 minutes in)
  • “Do you think it would be hard to write about the Bills if they got good?” (3 minutes in)
  • I bring up Jason La Canfora again. (6 minutes in)
  • We discuss Nathaniel Hackett and Joe Buscaglia. (10 minutes in)
  • Use Sammy Watkins like Chan Gailey used CJ Spiller! (13 minutes in)
  • Ryan calls Chris Hogan a 4th receiver.  (14minutes in)
  • Mike Williams and Rex Ryan? (15 Minutes in)
  • Mike Fiorio is getting our hopes up. (16 Minutes in)
  • I bring up Mike Vick as a veteran option. (21 Minutes in)

* Any clips used in the podcast are fair use. I make absolutely no money off this podcast — actually lose some, really.



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