Rex Ryan Is The Next Coach Of The Buffalo Bills. Thank You Mr. Marrone.

According to All-Pro insider Adam Schefter, Rex Ryan will be the next coach of the Buffalo Bills.

First, kids, let’s all take a second to say thank you to Mr Marrone. Thanks to him — who some on The Wire would refer to as a “career minded mother fucker” — we get to watch a football team that can actually beat the Patriots.


I’m unsure how Rex Ryan will answer the Buffalo Bills questions on offense, however, I am sure Rex Ryan will be like a pig in shit game planning for a defense with no question marks. It’s hard to imagine the Bills defense getting any better after last year, but it’s not implausible. Rex Ryan might be the guy to do it.

As for the elephant in the room, I don’t think Mark Sanchez will be the starter next year. Apparently, Greg Roman will be Ryan’s OC. Expect EJ Manuel to lead an offense geared around the running game and protecting the football. Think of it as a “don’t fuck it up for us” offense.

Sign me up for that!.

Podcast on all of this coming tomorrow.


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