What If… Rex Ryan Becomes The Coach Of The Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills and Rex Ryan are an unlikely fit. For one, Rex Ryan is a rumoured candidate for the Atlanta Falcons job. Considering their quarterback situation, Rex Ryan will not turn down the Falcons. The more likely scenario is the Falcons during down Ryan, but that doesn’t mean the Bills would hire the coach responsible for Mark Sanchez playoff success, if it means disrupting the already potent Jim Schwartz run defense.

Is Rex Ryan worth all that?

In an effort to answer my question, I outline four reasons why I think he is.

1. Rex Ryan = stability. 

There is something unsettling about considering Rex Ryan stable. Is it his press conferences? Appearances in foot job videos? Rapid Weight loss? I’m not sure, but he would provide stability for the Bills.

Jim Schwartz is an odds-on favourite to eventually coach his own team at some point. Considering the job he’s done with the Bills defense this season, it’s unlikely Schwartz will be coordinating for that much longer.

Hiring Rex Ryan would fix that. Sure, the Bills would be switching to their fifth defense in as many seasons, but with Ryan in tow, I could comfortably say the defense would be in place for at least three seasons. That would be a good start for the Bills.

2. Rex Ryan + Marc Trestman. 

Does hiring Rex Ryan do anything for the Bills struggling offense? No. At the end of the day, all Rex Ryan would do is provide stability to an already great defense. With that said, Rex Ryan would have to come with a great coordinator.

Does Marc Trestman make sense with Ryan? Who knows. Ryan has always champpion a ground and pound offense, which stands in stark contrast to his inventive defense. If Rex Ryan can give up the no-octane run game and go with a Marc Trestman-type, I’m all in on Ryan.

3. Rex Ryan and kissing rings. 

By now, you’ve all heard Ryan’s kissing the Patriots rings comments. Over his tenure, he demonstrated a lack of reverence for the Patriots. Although he owns a losing record against them, he has won far more than the Bills have — most famously beating the Patriots on the road in the playoffs. That sort of attitude could provide the spark to actually get the Bills to beat the Patriots a few times here or there — a necessary part of making the playoffs in the AFC East.

4. Rex Ryan is funny. 

This is a side benefit. Goes without saying, the Bills need to hire a good coach, rather than a sweet dude. If the Bills can somehow do both, how great would that be?

Imagine Bills press conferences? For years we have dealt with god fearing salt of the earth types (Jauron, Gailey,) and shrinking violets (Mularkey, Marrone), imagine now a press conference that doesn’t devolve into pseudo religious platitudes or surliness?

I would welcome an injection of humour, honesty, and affability. It certainly would keep things interesting while the Buffalo Bills are regularly making the playoffs.



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