Jason La Canfora Thinks The Bills Are Unnattractive

Credit: Detroit Free Press

On the last podcast, Alex and I talked about the Bills coaching job. I proposed the Bills are akin to an ugly ducklin, however, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports disagrees. According to La Canfora, “many people believe this is the least attractive job out there.” By many people, I’m sure La Canfora is referring to the highly scientific study he conducted on the subject. Even if he went to great pains to ensure an unbiased sample, thus legitimizing his report, I don’t think his test group, a.k.a. many people, are correct.

Here are three open coaching vacancies that are less attractive than the Bills.


Oakland Raiders?

Sure, they have Derek Carr, who has outshined his older brother so far, but that’s not saying much. Carr showed potential in his first year (21 tds), but he’s hardly a safe bet moving forward (38.4 QBR). Moreover, La Canfora said the Raiders job is better because “you don’t know the owner, you don’t know what he’s really about.” Apparently, Mark Davis is a stable owner with a clear vision of the Raiders future. If by clear vision you mean selling the team and moving it to Los Angeles, sure. But that vision isn’t attractive to a prospective coach — Marrone worked in that out clause because of ownership change.

San Francisco?

San Francisco is an attractive job? No mention of the toxic environment? This is a team who ran Jim Harbaugh out-of-town. Harbaugh, in his first three years, took the team to two conference finals and a Super Bowl. None of the candidates, outside of “best before 2006” Mike Shanahan, have that sort of resume. I think that’s a cause for concern for any candidate.

New York Jets?

Do I really have to outline why? Their roster is woefully thin. Their offense lacks playmakers, their defense is so thin at corner that their defense finished 21st, according to DVOA (keep in mind, 21st with defensive genius Rex Ryan at the helm). Many* point to the Jets high first round draft pick — where as the Bills don’t even have a first rounder — as bait for a new head coach. Ironically, the Jets would have to make a “franchise crippling” trade like the Bills had to, but with even more draft picks, to get Winston or Marriota. Sure you get a quarterback, but neither prospect appears to be an Andrew Luck type — the kind of qb who can single-handedly carry a team. What would you prefer, a team who is a quarterback away, or a team that’s a quarterback, and an entire team away?

*See what I did there?


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