The Doug Marrone Mass Text Scandal Got Even Funnier

Yes, it’s a scandal because I don’t want to call it Masstextgate –which, in turn, sounds too much like masturbate.”

On our most recent podcast, “It’s A Vicious Cycle For Mr. Marrone,” Alex and I talked at length about The Doug Marrone Mass Text Scandal (TDMMT). Thankfully, the TDMMT scandal is a gift that keeps on giving podcast topics.

During his weekly radio appearance on WGR550, Buffalo Bills centre Eric Wood, dropped some an interesting detail. C0-host Mike Schopp asked Wood if he responded to the mass text Marrone sent. “No…,” Wood responded. “It came from somebody other than him; it was a message from a 716 number I didn’t recognize.” It turns out, Marrone didn’t even have the decency to send out his own impersonal mass text.


Wood didn’t offer the identity of the mystery mass text-er because he couldn’t recognize the number. What kind of self-respecting person agrees to download someone’s contacts and send a message to a jilted football team? Just because you’re Doug Marrone’s assistant, it doesn’t mean you have to do everything says.






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