Podcast Episode 4: “I’m Better At Madden 2.”

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On this week’s podcast, Alex Karzis returns from his suspension* to discuss all things Bills. Rather serendipitously, Alex is back in time to discuss the gem Nathaniel Hackett gave us on The John Murphy Show last Wednesday.** Speaking to John Murphy, Hackett suggested that, like the fans who call in complaining about his playcalling, he too, is better at Madden.


Fascinated by his statement, we dug deeper and answered these questions during episode IV.

  1. What did Nathaniel Hackett mean exactly by “I’m better at madden, too?”
  2. Did Hackett mean to say he is better at Madden 2?
  3. Is it possible that playing an archaic game stifles offensive play calling?


Other talking points: 

  • A dose of positivity. Yay upset win. (1 minute in)
  • Doesn’t last long because we start talking Bills offense. (4 minutes in)
  • I, rather passionately, state, “I’m not sure if the Bills would be worse off with EJ instead of Orton.” (9 minutes in)
  • For whatever reason, we discuss Von Miller’s interest in Chickenology. (18 minutes in)
  • Jay Cutler comes up. We don’t like him as much as Nick Miller, but like him nonetheless — to varying degrees. (21 minutes in)
  • Would you trade for Cutler, if the deal involved Kiko Alonso? (26 minutes in)
  • Gilmore gushing (34 minutes in)
  • Apparently the Bills would be really good if they had a top-10 qb. (36 minutes in)
  • We close with Nathaniel Hackett’s controversial comments on the John Murphy Show. (42 minutes)

*I suspended him for positive remarks he made about Nathaniel Hackett. A judge found my decision “arbitrary.” I’ve got to get better.

** Clip courtesy of WGR550. I make no money off of this podcast. If anything, this thing is a millston


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