Five Fun Facts from Bills/Packers

1. Aaron Rodgers had the worst start of his career (17.2 QBR), while Kyle Orton looked like his typical self (17.2 QBR).

2. The Bills win puts them 9th in the AFC playoff hunt. San Diego and Kansas City both win the breaker over the Bills.

3. The Bills offense played much worse than the Packers offense.

a) Bills total yards 253 vs Packers 333.

b) Bills 4/16 on third down vs Packers 4/14

c) Bills 0/2 in the Redzone vs Packers 1/2

4. The Bills defense only managed 1 sack and 3 QB hits, but managed to get their hands on a whopping 10 passes. Sure seems like the Bills’ pass rush spooked Aaron Rodgers.

5. The Bills surprising win today is a bittersweet one for this fan; Nathaniel Hackett has likely saved his job as offensive coordinator. This one stinkin’ measly win might mean another year of 2-yard drags to teacher’s pet Chris Hogan. Not worth it.*

*Not really a fact, but whatever.


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