Emails From Doug Whaley Podcast Episode 3: “I Hate Tom Brady.”

Kyle Orton has a fairly symmetrical face, but still, Brandon Marshall is right.

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for… the return of the Emails From Doug Whaley Podcast!

This week, Alex Karzis is out in the wilderness, but I have not been left to fend for myself. I’m joined by my dear friend, and Broncos fan, Brandon Forsyth. Brandon, and I, go way back. And by far back, I mean, all the way to the 2008 classic Jay Cutler/Trent Edward showdown at, then, Mile High Stadium. We briefly reminisce about watching the game inside of Carlton cinema’s, before going into great detail about this weekend’s game between David and Goliath. Surprisingly enough, Brandon is not as confident with his Broncos winning, as I am with my Bills losing.

I apologize for the length* of this week’s podcast–consider it supersized–but it was hard for me to justify editing out all of our “rich white people are evil” tangents. After you listen to all of our shit talk on Roger Goodell, College Football, and Heath Evan’s bizarre crush on Tom Brady, you’ll understand why.

*I did edit out a part about Marvin Harrison, and his rare, Danish gun. And, a rather apt, but morbid, Ryan Tannehill/Richie Incognito joke.

Stream it, or download, whatever you’re into.



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