A Poor Man’s ALL-22 Review: Buffalo Bills.

Jeremy Piven wants you to spend your money to finance concussion lawsuits. Credit: NFL Game pass.


Since I’ve exhausted my “Dan Carpenter is God” shtick, and I’m not even entirely sure if I’m joking anymore, I’ve decided to try something a little different this week. Hence, the birth of my All-22 review. This week, I will be analyzing the infamous fourth-down that cost the Buffalo Bills a win on Sunday.

The only problem with starting an all-22, really, is how expensive NFL Gameday package is. Seeing as I’m a broke ass student, I had to seek out a sketchy alternative, like borrowing from the internet. All thanks goes to Jeremy White of WGR550.

(Check out his latest column here)


Credit: Jeremy White


Jeremy White does a solid job every week analyzing the Bills. He was bang on in his analysis of this play:

Orton looks at Watkins the whole way…and I don’t know if the read is….back shoulder because of the 2 safety look…or if it’s called at the line.  Watkins has his man beat here and the right throw is a touchdown.

He’s right. The pass was either going back shoulder, or it was underthrown. As for the latter, Sammy Watkins has his man beat, and it’s a touchdown if Orton throws a dart. As for the former, it’s a bad read by Orton. As you can see below, Parker is bird-dogging Orton, and Watkins gets a step on Parker. But the Chiefs corner (can’t figure out his name LOL) is playing the goal line. Watkins isn’t bracketed by the Chiefs defenders, but Orton turtles. Neither scenario casts Kyle Orton in the best light. But, lets not let the coaching staff off the hook.


Credit: Jeremy White of WGR550.


Sure, throwing to Sammy Watkins seems like a logical choice, just not in this context. As the screencap above shows, the defense is clairvoyant. Furthermore, behind centre you have an inconsistent quarterback. I believe the Bills brain trust had a better option, considering the context. As you will see in the illustration below, I believe the Bills think tank should have put their fate in the feet of their hard-kicking closer, Dan Carpenter, an inning early.


I'm a real football blogger now.

I’m a real football blogger now. Credit: Jeremy White of WGR550.


Yes, the the kick would have put the Bills down by 1, but with a few more seconds on the clock, the Bills would have a chance in the 9th. Even if Kansas City converts a third down, the Chiefs are running another play before the 2 minute warning, thus giving the Bills around 30 seconds to play with. And fuck yeah, that’s more than the 21 seconds the offense needed to give their stopper a chance to nail a 58-yard winner against the Lions.

After witnessing how the Michigan Laser Pointer Militia fired Superstar Carp Wash up, Doug Marrone should have known better.


If you fell for that setup, shame on you.


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