Am I Gonna Fit In? Will I Get My Face Punched In While Peeing Into A Trough?

Fame? Maybe not. Excess? YUP.


Recently I asked one of my friends what they thought of Nathaniel Hackett, and they responded, “Who the fuck is that? … Remind me again.” My anonymous friend is like most NFL fans I know:  they love football, don’t give a shit about the Bills.  And, why would they? Who in their right mind would root for the Buffalo Bills, unless they lived in Buffalo?

I do, for reasons best left for my therapist.

I get a chance to be around people who can actually talk about The Hack, when I watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs at the Ralph–that’s what the locals call it. Am I gonna fit in? Instead of jumping off the upper decks, I could strike up a Nathaniel Hackett convo. Or maybe not… Some will agree with me, while others are likely to punch me in my face, while I’m peeing into a trough.

So stoked.




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