Dan Carpenter: The Legend Continues



Forgive us for a second, for we must gloat.

We here at Emails From Doug Whaley have started a trend: Dan Carpenter Bills midseason MVP talk. And, by trend, I mean its not just Alex and I speaking to each other in an echo chamber. The Carpenter MVP talk has, in fact, spread to Reddit, as the above photo indicates.

Sure, Marcell Dareus tops the poll with 75 votes, but in 6th place is Dan Carpenter with seven votes. Sure, seven votes doesn’t so great, but all seven were write-in votes. Although, the curators dissappointed me by neglecting to add Superstar Carp Wash,  I’m ecstatic with the response of the Carpe Daniem army (Dan Carpenter’s fan club).  If it wasn’t for you, Carpenter wouldn’t have more votes than Fred Jackson, Kyle Williams and Mario Williams.

Pat yourselves on the backs people. Lord knows we already have.



One thought on “Dan Carpenter: The Legend Continues

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