Five Frustrations: Bills/Patriots

Jerry Hughes received an unsportsman like conduct penalty for lightly slapping his teammate on the back after a crucial third down stop. This actually happened people.

Full disclosure: I am frustrated.

But it has nothing to do with the result of this game in particular, or the seemingly countless losses the Bills have suffered because of the Patriots filming their practices at the hands of the Patriots. What’s really frustrating is the bizarre post-game analysis.

The following are five frustrating examples of media analysis that make me want to face palm.

1. Bills Fans Are Using Penalties As An Excuse. 

Sure, the Bills offense committed three turnovers, but the penalty calls definitely affected the outcome as well. Actually, any argument to the contrary is simply not cogent.  The Bills “committed” 8 penalties for 107 yards, while the Patriots tally came out to 9 times for 60 yards. Considering the amount of yards, as well as shorter fields for the defense, one can’t reasonably conclude that penalties had nothing to do with the loss.

2. If you think the penalties are sketchy, you’re paranoid. 

There is a difference between paranoia and critical thinking. But I’ll leave it at that, because the NSA knows where I live.


Panopticon what.

3.The Defense didn’t play well/the defense isn’t good

Umm, I don’t know about either. Considering the Bills offense committed three turnovers, while the defense held the Patriots to only 10 points off of them. Not to mention one of the td’s was the direct result of Duke Williams short circuiting–that probably doesn’t happen with a healthy Aaron Williams. All things considered, I think the defense wasn’t bad yesterday, nor will it be moving forward.

4. Hackett is not the problem, I wont explain why, he’s just not. 

I’m trying not to name name’s here–I hate being that blogger that tries to get attention calling out actual media types–but there has been one Buffalo media guy in particular who has yet to put the onus on Nathaniel Hackett, despite the fact that Hackett’s offense finished in 27th in 2013 (Football Outsiders) and is currently 27th so far this year. I will just let those rankings speak for themselves instead of making a litany of excuses for him like a certain media member has. (EJ Manuel was hurt last year, EJ Manuel can’t run his offense, CJ Spiller isn’t cutting it as a running back, etc.)

Speak of the devil…

5. According to Joe Buscaglia, CJ Spiller’s “penchant to bounce runs outside,” is frustrating the Bills. 

Ok, I lied. I am going to call out Joe Buscaglia. I’m sorry Joe, you do fine work, but have you noticed that they run a small, but fast, running back up the middle constantly? Do you think perhaps, maybe, they should be designing more plays that get him space to run outside. Maybe a sweep or two? I don’t know. Not to mention, how many yards do you think Spiller could get going up the middle instead of trying to make something “bouncing it to the outside?” *


*I called out Joe Buscaglia mainly because he somehow decided to make CJ Spiller his LVP instead of Duke Williams. Seriously Joe??? I realize he fumbled before halftime, but lets put it this way, CJ Spiller doesn’t call his own plays. Sending your tiny running back to finish out a half, instead of Fred Jackson or the pile pushing Anthony Dixon, is not Spiller’s fault, its Nathaniel Hackett’s.


Ok, I feel a lot better now. Time to start the #CamCameronNathanielHackett twitter campaign.


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