Buffalo Bills Rational Recap–Lowered Expectations (Week 8)

Buffalo Bills Rational Recap–Lowered Expectations (Week 8)

Every Monday* I try my very best to write a rational recap of the latest Buffalo Bills game. For last week’s recap, CLICK HERE!

 *Except the bye week and the Thursday night NFL network shit show against the Cleveland Browns.

This Patriots guy face does actually look like its looking into a camera.

Going into this game I didn’t have high expectations. Well, if you count “I think this game will be closer than you think (insert Bills h8er)” then I guess you could say that. I would still argue that the Bills managed to be pretty competitive–the game was 10-7 late in the second quarter. Not to mention, all those turnovers by the offense did no favours for the defense.

But most importantly, the reason I’m so level-headed about this loss is because I’m not a Miami Dolphins fan. I don’t care how “tinfoil hat” that sounds, but you have to wonder after watching the highlights if the refs were hellbent on getting back into Bob Kraft’s good graces after “pushgate.”

After reading this article and listening to the B.S. report (where noted Patriots lover Bill Simmons said “The entire game was a make up came” and referred to the ball batting as a “horrible call.”) I felt a lot better about being a Bills fan and I was ready to write a rational and reasonable recap of the week 8 showdown between the Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints.

The New England Patriots take this motto far too seriously…


In a shocking outcome, the Buffalo Bills lose on the road to the New Orleans Saints.

The Buffalo Bills started off the game with a fumble from Thad “the fad” Lewis that resulted in prime field position for the New Orleans Saints. However, the Saints failed to capitalize with a missed 47-yard field goal by Garrett Hartley.

After several failed drives by both teams, the Saints opened up the scoring at 7 minutes in with a Lance Moore touchdown. The Saints ended the first quarter with a 7-0 lead.

Seemingly with a clean slate, the Bills began to move the ball on the Saints in the second quarter. Thad Lewis showed some serious touch on his touchdown to Stevie Johnson, hitting his man in double coverage. Lewis and Johnson connected on 7 passes for the day. The Bills then followed up that with a field goal on the subsequent drive to take a shocking 10-7 lead.


But that didn’t last long.

The Bills taking a 10-7 lead motivated Drew Brees to the tune of 2 touchdowns to end the half, one to injured tight end Jimmy Graham (who is on my fantasy team. Yay for rooting against your favourite team) and Kenny Stills on a 69-yarder on a broken coverage.

Seeing Jerry Hughes catch up to Stills was actually kind of impressive.

Things didn’t get better in the second half . Brees continued the onslaught with another touchdown each to Stills and the reverend Jimmy Graham (yay fantasy team. Boo with regards to my favourite team). The Saints took a 28-10 lead.

The Buffalo Bills managed to make it slightly interesting at the beginning of the 4th quarter with a touchdown from the science defying Fred Jackson. With the score 28-17, only the most optimistic Buffalo Bills sensed a comeback. The realistic ones switched the channel to the Dolphins/Patriots game.

Soon thereafter the Saints put the nail in the coffin with Brees’ 5th touchdown of the day. Buffalo Bills lose 35-17.

Next week the Bills are at home against the “undefeated” Kansas City Chiefs.


Not much to see here. Move along now.

At the beginning of the year I made the moral decision to pick against the Patriots every week, while picking the Bills to win every week–except when they play the Saints on the road. Obviously it would have been nice to see a huge upset road win, but the realist inside of me was well prepared for this result.

Now I’m looking forward to a full week of expert predictions saying the Bills will get destroyed by the Kansas City Chiefs. As confident as I was in the Bills losing this week, I’m equally confident New England Patriots games are rigged the Bills are winning next week.

“Go cry emo coach” would be an awesome band name.


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills Rational Recap–Lowered Expectations (Week 8)

  1. Love the Game of Thrones reference.

    Also, I share your reckless optimism about this week’s game against the Chiefs. I have a good feeling about it, and I don’t know where it’s coming from, because even though the Chiefs have had a very easy schedule and can’t possibly be as good as their record, on paper they’re still the better team.


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