Not A Gambling Column (Week 8)

Not A Gambling Column (Week 8)

This is going to be even more last minute than usual. You know you have time management skills when you cant get things that you enjoy doing done on time.

Carolina over Tamrsa Bay. If you think I would take a Greg Schiano team in a game against Cam Newton, you have trust issues.

Detroit over Dallas. As I learned this week, when its close take the home team.

Miami over New England. Never picking New England.

Kansas City over Cleveland. Alex Smith is better than Jason Campbell. There, I said it.

New Orleans over Buffalo. This will be the only time this year I pick against the Bills. I don’t feel good about it .

NY Giants over Philadelphia. My upset special of the week! I AM GOING TO REGRET THIS.

San Francisco over Jacksonville. I am not going to explain this week.

Cincinnati over NY Jets. The Bengals are on fire. Makes sense with firecrotch Andy Dalton at the helm.

Oakland over Pittsburgh. Keep in mind the Raiders beat the Steelers at home last season. And they are better this year.

Denver over Washington. The Peyton Manning noodle arm thing needs to stop.

Arizona over Atlanta. Patrick Peterson throws three touchdown passes.

Green Bay over Minnesota. Aaron Rodgers vs. Cassel/Ponder/Freeman.

Seattle over St. LOLuis.


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