Not A Gambling Column (Week 7)

Not A Gambling Column (Week 7)

I’m coming off a decent week (10-5). Let’s keep the good times rolling. Well, actually I’m not feeling good about this week. A lot of road favourites, which is never a good sign. Luckily, I have no money riding on these games because I never learned how to swim–with cement shoes on.

Seattle over Arizona. At the beginning of the year I thought Carson Palmer was in for a Kurt Warner redux. Now I wish Old Yeller was set in Arizona so I could have seen the obvious parallels.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay. Picking Atlanta almost every week has really hurt me. I’m going to keep trying this week because they are facing a Greg Schiano coached team.

Buffalo over Miami. I said this year I would pick the Bills every week except against the Saints on the road. I’m not feeling good about this week. But then again. the only thing uglier than Ryan Tannehill’s wife, is Miami’s offense.

NY Jets over New England. Although the Gronkening is nigh, Geno will rise to the occassion this week.

This is an example of a shitty meme.

Dallas over Philadelphia. I think Dallas has the offense to keep up with the Eagles–and a slightly better defense.

Chicago over Washington Stupid White Men. Washington at home seems like an obvious pick. But dammit! I just can’t do it.

Carolina over St. Louis. Sam Bradford will not throw 3 touchdowns on a 100 yards passing this week. If he throws 3 touchdowns it will be in garbage time after the Panthers are winning by 50 and take out their starters.

San Diego over Jacksonville. No word of a lie, I was very tempted to take Jacksonville this week. San Diego is hardly a juggernaut.

San Fran over Tennessee. For some reason, I am nervous about picking against Tennesse, even though they are quarterbacked by one Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Green bay over Cleveland. Intriguing QB battle: the fastest delivery in the league against the slowest!

Kansas City over Houston. I watched Case Keenum’s college highlights. Let’s just say throwing rainbows for touchdowns doesn’t happen as often in the NFL

Baltimore over Pittsburgh. This used to be a hotly anticipated game.

Denver over Indianapolis. I don’t think Andrew Luck is quite ready to pants Peyton in primetime.

NY Giants over Minnesota. Whenever MNF games are ridiculed for their lack of quality matchups, this game from now on should be invoked.

Last Week: 12-2 This year: 69-38.

Update: 11-3 this week.


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