Buffalo Bills Rational Recap–Canadian Thanksgiving Edition! (Week 6)

Buffalo Bills Rational Recap–Canadian Thanksgiving Edition! (Week 6)

I had a week off from writing a Buffalo Bills recap thanks to the Thursday night game. And, I’m really glad I planned my vacation during the week of an E.J. Manuel injury. I spared myself and you, the reader, a very angst-y recap.

Instead I got to chill out–fuck ruminating. E.J. Manuel, who? We’ve got Thad Lewis now. Next man up, right? As you can tell, the week off helped a lot .What follows is a rational and reasonable recap of the week 6 showdown between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.


The Buffalo Bills mount a late comeback to force overtime, but lose to the Cincinnati Bengals 27-24.

Starting for the injured E.J. Manuel, Thad Lewis acquitted himself fairly well. He started off very strong connecting with TJ Graham on a 46 yard pass down the left sideline and running in a touchdown himself. However, Lewis failed to deliver on a 4th-down goal line play and the Buffalo Bills went into the half down 17-10.

Instead of the Lambeau leap, I’m thinking bachelor Thad.

Thad Lewis began to struggle in the second half. Whereas in the first half Lewis impressed with his deep throws and movement skills, in the second half his intermediate accuracy issues came to the fore. Lewis missed high on several throws to Robert Woods and was unable to move the chains.

The Bills began the 4th quarter down by two touchdowns, trailing the Bengals 24-10. However, the Bills were given new life after Bengals kicker Mike Nugent missed a 34 yard field goal late in the 3rd quarter. Thad Lewis–who was held to 0 touchdown passes at this point–connected with Scott Chandler down the middle on a 22-yard seem route to convert a 4th down for a touchdown.

I was nervous when I saw him throwing off his back foot, but the way he sprinkled that ball in was just beautiful. I’m gushing.

Trailing by seven, the Bills and Bengals traded unsuccessful drives until the Buffalo Bills got the ball back with 2.40 remaining. The Bills moved the ball to Cincinnati’s 40. On first and ten Lewis decided to air it out to tie the game, catching olympian Marquise Goodwin on a go route.

Lewis after throwing the touchdown: “This is how we do it.”

Unfortunately the late game heroics were felled by–guess who?–the special teams. After a solid punt by Brian Moorman, the punt return coverage failed to contain Brandon Tate on a 29-yard return, which set up a field goal for Mike Nugent to win the game, 27-24.

The Buffalo Bills are on the road next week in Miami. Hopefully Ryan Tannehill’s wife isn’t there.


I was surprisingly content to watch the Bills lose. I can’t isolate whether it was the Canadian thanksgiving turkey mellowing me out, the “too much pie” that I had, or the various other distractions that my Canadian predecessors provided for me by stealing Canada away from its rightful owners. Regardless, I was very satisfied on Sunday and yet another dramatic Buffalo BIlls loss didn’t crush me.

But unlike say the Patriots loss, I refused to think of it as a moral victory, as evidenced by the following exchange I had with my buddy Frank Scornaienchi.



Just as I was about to post this I caught wind of Matt Flynn signing with the Buffalo Bills–Thad Lewis sprained his ankle during the game. Now I begin the process of talking myself into Jeff Tuel. I mean, he can’t be worse than Matt Flynn, right?

Well, at least it’s not Tim Tebow.


3 thoughts on “Buffalo Bills Rational Recap–Canadian Thanksgiving Edition! (Week 6)

  1. I totally agree… I was disappointed but not crushed by this one. I think the next few weeks could be rough, though.


    • I just noticed this comment. I feel now with hindsight I can say that I totally didn’t agree with you, but I definitely did. As for the Superdome this week, now that could be rough!


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