Not A Gambling Column–Week 6

Not A Gambling Column–Week 6

I went 12-2 last week. NBD. Not showing off or anything. Now I’m definitely going 2-12. I jinxed myself.

Chicago over New York Giants. Jay Cutler has a lot going for him. New coach, great receivers, reality tv show wife.

Buffalo over Cincinnati. Just repeat after me. Thad “Fuckin” Lewis–to the tune of “This Is How We Do It.”

Detroit over Cleveland. I love Brandon Weeden’s $34 haircut. His game? Not so much.

Kansas City over Oakland. I don’t like this pick, but I can’t go with Oakland on the road, even though my love Terrelle Pryor grows stronger by the day.

Carolina over Minnesota. Come on Cam Newton, I love you, but you gotta do something for me lately soon.

NY Jets over Pittsburgh. Geno “Oonce Oonce” Smith is fun to watch. Amazing passes, amazing interceptions, amazing entertainment.

Greg Schiano is dumber.

Philadelphia over Tamrsa Bay. See what I did there? I will be here all week. But yeah, my feelings for Greg Schiano are the absolute polar opposite of the feelings I have for my one, and only, Chip Kelly.

Green Bay over Baltimore. Aaron Rodgers has to score some touchdowns–for my fantasy team.

Houston over St. Louis. “The ballad of who is worse at quarterbacking.”

Jacksonville over Denver. KIDDING! Denver over Jacksonville. Proline wouldn’t take bets on this game…

Seattle over Tennessee. Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road in Seattle. Just blinked and I had my answer.

New Orléans over New England. The Patriots defense just lost Vince Wilfork. There defense was probably overrated to begin with considering they have faced two rookie quarterbacks, a quarterback who has since been released from his team and an injury riddled Atlanta Falcons team. Not to mention, they lost to ginger Andy Dalton

San Francisco over Arizona. For some reason, I’m not very confident about this pick.

Dallas over Washington. It’s time for Tony Romo to rightfully cement his status as a very good but not great quarterback.

Indy over San Diego. The Chargers are 2-3, yet I keep reading/hearing about how good they are. Call me unimpressed.

Last Week: 12-2 This year: 48-30.

Update: 10-5


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