Yup, These Are My Friends–Cowboys Edition

Yup, These Are My Friends–Cowboys Edition

Welcome to the last season preview. (Click here for previous posts in this series.) Yes, the season has already started but I was a bit backlogged, so why not post it? As always, most of my friends don’t share my penchant for masochism–I’m a Bills fan–and thusly have chosen their favourite teams far more wisely. This next fan, is a fan of a team who has tortured the Buffalo Bills in the past.

This is Huy Minhvo. He’s a Dallas-area transplant, now living in Toronto, but still a Cowboys fan.
Three of some of the biggest stars together in one picture.

Three of some of the biggest stars together in one picture.

When did you first realize you were a Cowboys fan?

When I watched Tony Romo fumble a snap in a playoff game against the Seahawks in 07. I was depressed for about a week. (Ed. Note: this is why we don’t have beef. He wasn’t a fan when the Cowboys were pistol-whipping the Bills.)

What’s your ace in the hole that proves your fandom?

I don’t really care if I have to prove myself for anyone but if being asked I can call out the next 3 plays of the drive. (Ed. Note: that’s impressive, since Jason Garrett doesn’t even know the next 3 plays of the drive)

Dez Bryant or Miles Austin?

Dez. Better hands. Better Physique. More aggressive and he’s younger.

Are you like most Cowboys fans? As in, do you hate Tony Romo? And why or why not?

I don’t love Romo nor do I hate him. He’s a decent QB but most people like to jump on the bandwagon and trash the guy. True, he has only won 1 playoffs game, but so has Matt Ryan, Mike Vick and Matthew Stafford.

Interesting factoid: Tony Romo has 18 fourth quarter comebacks and 19 game winning drives.

Do you think the Cowboys can win another Super Bowl with Jerry Jones as the owner?

JJ is 70 now. So he’s got like 5 years—I do see a slim chance. Maybe in the next 3 years when we keep building our line on both sides, I can see the Boys bring it home.

Any self-respecting fan of a team, not including Patriots fans because they have no self-respect, usually will feel nervous about their team, regardless of how good they are. What makes you nervous as a Cowboys Fan?

As a Cowboys fan, lol this team does choke from time to time. Like the Lions game last year when they led the game by more than 14 pts and let the Lions come back.

You don’t wanna know what I would pay people to do for me if I had Jerry Jones kind-of-money.

What about the opposite? What makes you irrationally optimistic about the upcoming season

I do like the fact that we brought Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin to revamp our D from 34 to 43. And we do have the star power on both sides of the ball to make it happen.

What’s your prediction for the season?

My prediction for the Cowboys in 2013: 10-5. They will make the playoffs this year and lose in the 1st round. (Ed. Note: Cowboys vs. Bills in the Super Bowl this year for old time’s sake.)


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