Yup, These Are My Friends–Browns Edition

Yup, These Are My Friends–Browns Edition
Welcome to the eleventh–and one of the last–of a series of posts on my friends’ favourite teams. (Click here for previous posts in this series.) Yes, the season has already started but I am a bit backlogged and still want to share with you the few that I have left. As always, most of my friends don’t share my penchant for masochism–I’m a Bills fan– and thusly have chosen their favourite teams far more wisely. This next fan, is a fan of a team that is arguably as tortured as the Buffalo Bills. Except, her choice was made for her.
This is Carly Basch and these are her thoughts on the Brown’s upcoming season. (Disclaimer: she wrote this before Sunday’s massacre.)
Carly wearing her authentic Trent Richardson Browns jersey.

Carly wearing her authentic Trent Richardson Browns jersey.

When did you realize you were a Browns fan?
Well, I didn’t really have a choice. I was 7 years old and really wanted to sneak a box of Smarties before dinner and the only way I could get them was if I went into the den where my grandpa, Dad, and Uncle were watching a good ol’ game of football. I asked if I could cheer along with them in hopes of sneaking away with the Smarties. It was there that I was told that I was officially a Browns fan.
What’s your ace ‎in the hole that proves your Browns fandom?
I think it was the time where I was at a bar someone behind me was like “Man I hate the Browns” and I immediately turned around slapped them in the face. I later found out they weren’t talking about football, but at least I did my good deed of the day.
Also, I have consumed volumes of chips while watching those losers fumble the ball or mess up a play. And yet I still love them. Actually, now that I think of it, that’s my grandpa’s story. I’ve only watched two games of football in my life but I’ll the wear that fan scarf for camaraderie any day!

Leave it to Cleveland to hire a cannibalistic humanoid underground dweller as its new head coach.

What do you think of coach C.H.U.D.? A.K.A. Rob Chudzinksi? Can he run just as fast on his hands, as he can on his feet?
No, because he can’t even run an offense with Cam Newton, according to my grandpa.
Brandon Weeden or Jason Campbell?
Just googled them and definitely Jason! He’s hunky. Brandon on the other hand looks old (Ed. Note:that’s because he is). Also, I’m not into his $34 haircut. (Ed. Note: it does look just a notch above Topcuts.)

This is his “trust me” pose. Browns fans: don’t be swayed!

Are you concerned with how well Barkevious Mingo will look in a suit after his trip to the hospital? 
I’m more concerned with trying to figure out who the heck that guy is. Gingham is in style, if he wears a Gingham shirt–he’s good. (Ed. Note: Carly spoke about Barkevious Mingo at length in my post “That Got Out Of Hand Really Fast.”)
Do the Browns go well with your wardrobe? 
Does brown (aka a chestnut coloured coach bag) go well with my wardrobe? I’m going to say, yes.
"Coach" C.H.U.D.

“Coach” C.H.U.D.

What are your predictions for the upcoming season?
The Browns will win the title–of being my favourite losers. And the chips will still be eaten and spilled all over my grandpa’s couch as this happens.

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