Not A Gambling Column–Week 1

Not A Gambling Column–Week 1

I present to you my weekly picks column. I’m not sure why I have a weekly picks column, considering I have no interest in gambling, but I felt it was apropos. So here goes nothing.

This is me right now.

Denver over Baltimore.

Technically this game occurred already. So you’re gonna have to trust me that I picked Denver. Do you trust me?

Buffalo over New England

Don’t Stop BILLieving.

Chicago over Cincinnati

Jay Cutler finally steps out from under the shadows of Jay Cutler, champion body builder this year. It all starts today with a win over the Bengals.

Cleveland over Miami

Weeden! Tannehill! The battle of “Wish we took Russell Wilson instead.”

New Orleans over Atlanta

Sean Payton looks like Frankie Muniz angry.

Tampa Bay over NY Jets

I don’t like either of these teams. I went with Tampa because… I’m not sure actually.

Pittsburgh over Tennessee

I don’t see a single ten on the Titans roster.

Detroit over Minnesota

The battle of the cyborgs goes to Calvin Johnson.

Indy over Oakland

Good Luck this year Oakland.

Carolina over Seattle

Upset special. West coast team travelling eastward.

Jacksonville over Kansas City

Blaine Gabbert sucks. So does Alex Smith

Arizona over St. Louis

Carson Palmer begins his Kurt Warner homage.

San Francisco over Green Bay

Harbaugh vs. McCarthy never seems fair.

Dallas over NY Giants

Dez Bryant keeps his knuckle in bounds.

Philly over Washington Stupid White Men

Chip Kelly goes from indie label darling to major label success story.

Houston over San Diego

The final game of the week is also the least interesting.

Update: 9-7 so far.


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