Yup, These Are My Friends–Ravens Edition

Yup, These Are My Friends–Ravens Edition

Welcome to the seventh of a series of posts on my friends’ favourite teams. Most of my friends don’t share my penchant for masochism–I’m a Bills fan– and thusly have chosen their favourite teams far more wisely. As a celebration of their superior vintage, I bring to you their thoughts on their favourite teams upcoming seasons.

Today I bring to you Dana Bleiberg, Ravens fan. I met her years back during emo’s twilight years. She is by far the most geographically legit fan we have had so far, hailing from Bethesda, Maryland. Check out her website:  http://www.danabmodel.com/

Here’s Dana climbing to the top, like the Ravens did last year.

When did you first realize you were a Ravens fan?

I grew up in Washington DC when the Skins sucked. Absolute worst of the worst. I loved football but knew you were not supposed to like the Skins. I actually have a distinct memory of being in middle school and a classmate forgot his Redskins jacket on the field. The assistant principal picked up the jacket and held it up to ask who’s it was. When no one claimed the jacket the principal said “Well, we might as well bury it. The Skins are dead anyway.” (Ed. Note: Now no one wants to claim them because it’s racist) I then went to Baltimore for college and saw how much the city loved their football team. All the buildings are lit up purple. That is what I was looking for.

She isn’t lying. I

What do you think of Joe Flacco’s 120 Million dollar contract? And, do you think he should have gotten something else other than McDonald’s after signing it? What would you recommend in the Baltimore area?

Flacco deserves it. He is highly underrated. (Ed. Note: And, he has a great fu-manchu) About the McDonalds thing, he wouldn’t be Flacco if he went anywhere else! I would recommend Stuggy’s though… amazing hot dogs and fried pickles (Ed. Note: I would personally recommend Blue Moon of Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives).

I probably shouldn’t say this in public, but I quite like Joe Flacco’s fu manchu.

Ray Lewis or Dannell Elerbe? 

Ray Lewis. (Ed. Note: I imagine this is because Dannell Ellerbe doesn’t dance before every game. Ray Lewis really lost a step or four the last few years.)

On a scale of 1-10 how proud of Baltimore are you for that “BULLSHIT” chant?

Not proud at all. I said I like the Ravens, not Baltimore. (Ed. Note: Personally I’m an 11. Hearing Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels have to acknowledge that a sold out crowd is swearing in unison is definitely one of my personal top 5 sports memories.)

If you could have one rival NFL player dissappear Jimmy Hoffa style, who would it be?

The entire Pittsburgh Steelers obviously. (Ed. Note: I like how you didn’t specify Ben Roethlisberger).

Describe your thought process from the time that the Ravens fired their offensive coordinator Cam Cameron in week 15, to the eventual Super Bowl win.

All you can do is trust in a choice like that. I never doubted that it was necessary and that it was what the team needed. It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t.

Any self-respecting fan of a team–not including Patriots fans because they have no self-respect–usually feels nervous about their team, regardless of how good they are. What makes you nervous about the Ravens this year?

There’s been a lot of change from last season to this season. That is worrisome. Not knowing all the players and how they work together is nerve racking. And you are right: Patriots fans don’t have any self–respect. They don’t want a Super Bowl win, they expect it.

The future of Patriots fans doesn’t look bright either.

What about the opposite? What makes you irrationally optimistic about the upcoming season? 

The Ravens have always been the underdog but last year’s Superbowl win has proven to them that they can do it. They are going to want to prove that it wasn’t a fluke. Especially Joe Flacco.

What are your predictions for the upcoming season? 

I think it will be a slow start. First, the Ravens need to get used to their new players and loss of key older players. Second, everyone wants revenge for last year–the Ravens have targets on their backs all year–starting with Denver week 1! Though, after a few games the Ravens we saw from last year will be back.

Dana at the Ravens Rally.

Dana at the Ravens Rally.


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