Jim Kelly Diagnosed With Cancer

Jim Kelly Diagnosed With Cancer

Retired Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly will always be a winner in my books.

The problem with being a fledgling blogger is simple: you have to be kind of a prick. The way to get noticed is by either taking shots at writers who are more popular than you or by taking contrarian stances to get page hits–it’s a blog eat blog world out there. But I’m taking a break from that because today it was announced that Buffalo Bills hero and hall of famer Jim Kelly has cancer.

Jim Kelly is unarguably the best Buffalo Bills quarterback of all time. If you haven’t heard by now, Kelly took the Bills to four straight Super Bowls. All four of those Super Bowl appearances were losses, which unfairly have hurt his legacy. As a result he’s an afterthought on most great quarterbacks lists. Certainly he didn’t win one Super Bowl like Brett Favre did, but he appeared in 2 more than Favre ever did. Not to mention he never sent a New York Jets cheerleader sideline reporter a cock shot.

Not only was Jim Kelly a great quarterback, but he has stayed in the city of Buffalo after retiring–despite the fact that it was seriously lacking in places to party. Unlike Willis McGahee, he embraced the town for all of its shortcomings. He has even gone to great lengths to keep the Bills in Buffalo. Kelly spearheaded a group of investors to make sure the Buffalo Bills stay in town after Ralph Wilson dies. Let’s just say finding rich people in Buffalo isn’t easy.

It’s precisely that sort of loyalty to Buffalo that has endeared Bills’ fans to Kelly. And, it’s that endearment that’s left the Buffalo Bills blogosphere at a standstill today. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Jim Kelly.

They say you can’t win the big one. Prove ’em wrong Jim.

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