Buffalo Bills Offseason Insanity

Buffalo Bills Offseason Insanity

E.J. Manuel is already a bust. Kidding!

NFL coverage during the regular season is insufferable. The media coverage like ESPN’s vast universe of channels or the methadone clinic that is the NFL Network ensure that no stone is left unturned. Do you really need to know if a backup left guard took a practice off to hit up a Golden Corrall? Yes and no.

But that’s the regular season. What happens during the offseason when content starved media outlets are left to their own devices and have to manufacture content?

It’s not pretty.

I could go in a myriad directions with this, but I will spare all of you by focusing on the offseason coverage of the Buffalo Bills. Here are three insane things I have heard about the Buffalo Bills during OTA’s.

1. Doug Marrone sounds like he’s too concerned with saying the wrong thing to the media. Apparently this is a sign that he may be a bad coach:

This piece of batshit insanity is care of WGR550 radio personality Chris “The Bulldog” Parker. He apparently believes Doug Marrone will be a bad coach because he seems worried about saying the wrong thing to do the media. Of course he provides little to no evidence of this actually being relevant to whether or not Marrone can coach. Which makes sense because said evidence doesn’t exist.

2. NFL Network reported that E.J. Manuel took the third least amount of snaps during… one practice.

Yes, it is kind of disconcerting that a 1st round draft pick is losing playing time to luminaries like Kevin Kolb and Tarvaris Jackson. But before everyone loses their shit, just remember that he was drafted as a developmental quarterback. By all accounts, E.J Manuel still needs to work on a lot of things. Pushing him to take first team reps at practice before he’s ready isn’t going to speed up his development. Of course this “news” was worth a post on NFL.com as well as a headline on the NFL network ticker. (Yes, this means I watch the NFL network. #methclinic.)

3. Da’Rick Rogers has to fight for a roster spot against Chris Hogan. Wait, who?

Another WGR550 radio personality Joe Buscaglia, unlike “The Bulldog” is actually not insane. He’s actually quite possibly a little too sane for someone who has to write about the Bills. Nonetheless, on the radio yesterday he suggested that--personal favourite of mine–Da’Rick Rogers will have a tough time making the roster facing competition from Chris Hogan. Da’Rick Rogers of course didn’t get drafted because he prefers smoking pot to getting drunk. Nevertheless, he managed to lead the SEC in receiving his sophomore year–in between bong hits. Chris Hogan, who I just heard of for the first time, spent his college years playing for Penn State–as a lacrosse player. Yes, the guy who lead the best conference in college football should be worried about a dude who wishes he could be John Tavares’ uncle.


That’s it for now.

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