Is God a PED?

Is God a PED?

Scott Chandler: Salt of the earth, God fearing man. Enjoys walks on the beach, thanks to God’s involvement in his recovery from ACL surgery.

Scott Chandler tore his ACL in Week 16 of last year’s NFL season. Historically ACL injuries have taken a year to recover from, give or take a few months. Suffice it to say Scott Chandler can’t afford stem cell therapy isn’t a freakish athlete in the mold of Adrien Peterson. Hence, why most media members assumed he would be back at the earliest around November and quite realistically not at all. That’s why the Buffalo Bill’s lack of interest in signing a tight end through free agency or the draft was quite peculiar. Free agency came and went with no signings. The closest thing to a signing was a haphazard flirtation with Fred Davis–who himself is coming off a mid-season Achilles tear. The draft resulted in a 7th round draft pick Chris Gragg, who played infrequently during college due to injuries. A closer look at the Bills pre-draft interviews reveals they only brought in two tight ends for a visit. This all points to a lack of interest in procuring a tight end, which seems insane considering Chandler’s injury status.

After watching Scott Chandler’s interview on, it all makes sense now. According to the torn ACL victim, the Bills may have known God was going to intervene. Speaking to Buffalo Bills beat reporter “not that” Chris Brown, Chandler intimated that his surgery was “going well”, that his “doctors did a really good job”, and all the typical cliches an athlete spouts during his recovery from an injury. However, after going through the standard replies, Chandler started to riff on God’s involvement in his recovery: “I’m a Christian guy. God is the ultimate healer. Just put your faith in him and see how it goes.” According to Chandler, his recovery was enhanced by a presence of a higher being. He then acknowledged, he could be back for the start of the regular season in September and possibly even training camp in July.

Which begs the question: is God a PED?

Yes, Chandler didn’t outright say the Bills knew this, but they certainly spoke to him at some point during his recovery. Bills’ fans won’t like it. But you’ve got to at least ask the question when it comes to Jose Bautista Scott Chandler.

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