Buddy Nix-ed

Buddy Nix-ed

“Uh-uh-uh, I know what you’re gonna say, son. When two halves is gone, there’s nothin’ left. And you’re right, it’s a little ole worm, who wasn’t there. Two nothin’s is nothin’.”

The time has finally come: Buddy Nix has, indeed, stepped down as GM of the Buffalo Bills. It’s been rumoured since January, so it comes as no surprise. I, for one, will miss Buddy Nix. I truly admire his dedication to the craft. He had a fine attention to detail, which was clear in his spot-on Foghorn Leghorn impression.

All elitist mocking aside, Buddy Nix leaves a mediocre legacy. He had a few decent draft picks over the years–CJ Spiller to name one. Nix deserves an attaboy for the gumption to select Spiller, despite already having a running back. Unfortunately, this was one of a scant few examples of Nix extending his scouting prowess. For all the talk of his scouting prowess stemming from his time in San Diego, Nix failed to unearth an Antonio Gates for the Bills during his tenure.

Terrible quarterback or beard Olympian?

The lack of quality drafts were one thing, but the pro personnel decisions most likely institutionalized some poor Bills fans.[1] The move that most epitomized the insanity that was the Buffalo Bills front office: the Ryan Fitzpatrick contract.  A year and a half later, and Fitzpatrick’s contract has already been terminated. Like most NFL contracts that promise glorified monopoly money, the Fitzpatrick contract wont cripple the Bills long-term. Regardless, the Ryan Fitzpatrick signing will forever remain a flashbulb memory for many Bills fans.

Certainly, the contract was ill-advised. The problem is, I have trouble believing Nix was responsible for said contract, considering owner Ralph Wilson’s history of meddling with personnel decisions. For example, Mr. Wilson hired 80-year-old Marv Levy as the GM of the Bills, hoping to recapture the glory days of four Super Bowl losses in a row. Taking this into account, I wouldn’t be surprised if the senile, 90+ Mr. Wilson saw Harvard on Fitzpatrick’s resume and mistakenly thought he was overseeing Goldman Sachs. Seems far-fetched, I know. But it’s still far more plausible than anyone with a fully functioning frontal lobe signing a journeyman quarterback to a long-term deal based off 5 weeks of stellar performance.

Anyways, Doug Whaley—of sending porn via e-mail fame—is the obvious rumoured candidate to takeover. No announcement on who will be the next GM of the Buffalo Bills. Here’s hoping that soon the name of my blog will be a hell of a lot more relevant to Bills fans.

[1] Surprisingly I’m not one of them, but I would have strongly considered calling a Bills helpline if such a thing existed.


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