Von Miller, Titus Young, TSwift, and More!

Von Miller, Titus Young, TSwift, and More!

There literally is never a dull moment when it comes to following the NFL, thanks to the various hijinx the league’s players get up to. Here is a smattering of examples…

Von Miller: apparently is a wants to be a chick magnate. This doesn’t appear to be an impulsive decision–Von Miller took Poultry Science at Texas A&M. I wish U of T had a Poutine Science program. York: I smell an opportunity!

Click here to read more Chick Science.

Titus Young: if you aren’t familiar, Young is kind of the Amanda Bynes of the NFL–a pro-bowl level headcase. He was kicked off the Detroit Lions for amongst other things, intentionally running his routes wrong and claiming that he is a better receiver than teammate Calvin Johnson–who broke Jerry Rice’s receiving yards record last year. At the end of the season the Detroit Lions waived him–who are known for aiding and abetting malcontents unabashedly. Then the St. Louis Rams picked him up off waivers but promptly released him. The Rams are coached by Jeff Fisher, who once welcomed back Albert Haynesworth after he stomped on a players neck with his cleats on.

Now that Titus Young is about as employable as Bernie Madoff, he has found himself in some trouble–hilarious, hilarious trouble. Within 15 hours Young was arrested twice, the second time while attempting to steal his own car.

Click here to read more about how one can steal their own car.

According to Pittsburgh Steeler safety Ryan Clark, apparently Tom Brady sees dead people ghosts while standing in the pocket. Is this why the endings to Patriots wins don’t make any sense?

Click here to read more about this spooky stuff.

An Aaron Rodgers cameo on the office seems kind of painfully oblivious to me–don’t they realize replacing Steve Carrell with James Spader didn’t work out as well as Rodgers replacing Brett Favre?

Click here to read all about Aaron Rodgers, budding thespian.

And, to prove that I can link anything to football tangentially, Taylor Swift buying a Rhode Island mansion with straight cash homie.

Click here if you wish you were TSWIFT.


That’s it for now.

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