An NFL Trade that didn’t involve a draft pick.

An NFL Trade that didn’t involve a draft pick.

Pictured: Señor Spielbergo and Mr. Burns

The Buffalo Bills and the Indianapolis Colts decided to make a challenge trade today. And by challenge trade, I don’t mean trading Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis or anything like that. If anything, this trade is the non-union Mexican equivalent.

The Colts and Bills decided to swap failed draft pick linebackers Jerry Hughes and Kelvin Sheppard. Jerry Hughes was a 2010 first rounder of the Colts, who hasn’t been able to establish a position on defense. He has switched between playing defensive end in a 4-3  and linebacker in a 3-4–with unspectacular results. Kelvin Sheppard, is a 2011 3rd rounder of the Bills who is viewed as predominately a run stuffing middle linebacker. Of course, run stuffing is misleading because the Buffalo Bills rush defense has been an absolute shit show the last 2 years.

Former Buffalo Bills Linebacker Kelvin Sheppard shown here championing the good ole’ days of football when people used to die, instead of getting concussions.

The word is Sheppard will be used as an inside linebacker where his lack of skills range wont be exposed. As for complete speculation, perhaps Jerry Hughes’ inability to play in either the 3-4 or the 4-3 will be mitigated by Mike Pettine’s hybrid 3-4, 4-3 defense.* I’m not good at math, but maybe he will be half as bad in this scenario.

No word yet if John Murphy will be changing the intro to his radio show. “Now I’m a little more comfortable talking to you, cuz I can tell you really know football.”

*Correction: It is required to mention that Mike Pettine’s defense will be “multiple.” I apologize for omitting a meaningless buzzword.


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